Glen Road Improvements

Toronto’s 2018 capital budget includes a line item for the reconstruction of Glen Road, usually a once per decade works project that includes new road bed and surface work. Based on feedback from the community on road safety and intersection design concerns along Glen Road, Transportation Services has decided to take the 2018 civil works a step further, applying a more transformative design approach that is not just vehicle-centric, but also incorporates Glen Road’s walking, cycling and transit requirements. A pre-construction notice was recently circulated by City Staff indicating Summer 2018 start of construction (see attachment).

Unveiled in 2016 as Toronto’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, Glen Road’s new layout will benefit from a design philosophy that makes streets safer by actually taking road space away from cars. When cars slow down, not only are streets safer, but they become more enjoyable places to be. Examples of Vision Zero traffic-calming design elements, including shorter radius curbs at intersections and sidewalk bump-outs, can be seen in Cabbagetown and along Moore Ave. and have been applauded by residents in those neighbourhoods. 

The map shows the seven primary areas where road design changes are being considered. 

Residents who wish to contact City Staff with respect to design or construction aspects of the project are encouraged to call or email:  Project Manager Nora Hallett, t. 416-397-0207; 

Download (PDF, 2.1MB)