Glen Road Improvements


● City Transportation Services has completed its comprehensive traffic and safety review of Glen Road. Details are available online at:
● The City’s proposed recommendations for safety improvements to be implemented in connection with the Glen Road reconstruction slated for summer/fall 2018 include:
– replacement of the existing stop signs on northbound and southbound Glen Road at Bin-scarth with a pedestrian crossover;
– reduction of the speed limit from 40 km/h to 30 km/h on Glen Road between Elm Avenue and Summerhill Avenue;
improvement of pedestrian crossing locations through the use of curb extensions, surface indicators and pavement markings;
– a plan to facilitate route navigation, guidance and lane position for cyclists though the use of “sharrow” pavement markings.
● The pedestrian cross-over at Glen Road and Bin-scarth is part of a pilot project to test a new type of pedestrian cross-over approved for use in Ontario on streets with lower traffic volume as part of the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan.
● City Transportation Services has asked the Toronto and East York Community Council (TEYCC) to approve the removal of the stop signs and the installation of the pedestrian cross-over at Glen Road and Bin-scarth and the reduction of the speed limit on Glen Road to 30 km at the TEYCC meeting at City Hall on July 4th. The TEYCC meeting is open to the public and interested parties may address agenda items. If you wish to comment on these changes at the TEYCC meeting, please contact:
Secretariat ContactEllen Devlin
2nd floor, West Tower, City Hall
100 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
phone: 416-392-7033
fax: 416-397-0111
● The NRRA board has asked the City Transportation Services staff to hold an information session or attend a session hosted by the NRRA on the Glen Road reconstruction for North Rosedale residents before the reconstruction starts. City staff is currently considering this request.