Heritage Permit Process

How the process works:

A heritage permit is required for work that may alter the façade appearance of a house in a Heritage Conservation District, and is needed in addition to any building permit that may be required. Application is made directly to Heritage Preservation Services (HPS) within the City Planning Department. North Rosedale has a HCD Advisory Committee which is available to interpret and explain the process to property owners or prospective new owners who want to understand the nature of the HCD process.

What it covers:

Heritage permits are required for any work, except general maintenance, carried out on the street-facing facades of all buildings. This includes work that otherwise would not require a building permit, such as the replacement of windows and doors, the removal or replacement of decorative trim.

The rules apply only to what can be seen from the street.

Changes are encouraged to revert to the original appearance of the building.

For example, the following projects would be subject to review by HPS:

  • Replacement of windows and doors
  • Installation of new siding
  • Installation of new skylights
  • Creation of new window and door openings
  • Alteration of existing cladding and/or brickwork

Applying for a Heritage Permit:

The following is typical of the process to obtain an Heritage permit Contact City staff to set up a meeting with the Heritage Preservation Services unit.

Prepare a sketch showing the location of the proposed work on the building.

Prepare drawings, sketches or plans of the proposed work.

Take photographs of the building, showing its current condition in the area where the work is to take place.

Gather any additional documents that support approval of the proposed project.

Meet with Heritage Preservation Services staff to discuss the application.

If City staff determines the application conforms to the community’s HCD guidelines, they will expedite the necessary Heritage and building permits. If the application does not meet the guidelines, City staff will suggest ways to modify the project in order to secure the required heritage permits.

To apply for a heritage permit, contact the following City of Toronto Heritage Preservation staff:

Laura Loney
Preservation Assistant
Heritage Preservation Services
City Hall, 17th floor, East Tower
(416) 338-1095

For community advice and resources:

The City has appointed a District Advisory Committee, made up of a group of North Rosedale residents, to advise Rosedale residents planning to renovate the exterior of their properties. The current Chair of this committee is Jan Ruby, who can be reached at jruby1@northrosedale.com  The Advisory Committee is familiar with the Guidelines and procedures covering renovation in our community, and can be consulted prior to applying for a building permit covering external changes to property.