Glen Road Traffic Calming *NEW*

In response to heightened pedestrian safety concerns along Glen Road, the NRRA is working with City staff and our councillor on implementing the appropriate traffic calming measure(s) that might be deployed on North Rosedale’s primary thoroughfare.  Glen Road, when driven between South Drive and Summerhill Road, is one of the longest neighbourhood roads in our city uninterrupted by a stop sign or other traffic calming measure. Speeding occurs regularly (as proven by a recent speed survey). It is difficult, and at time dangerous, to cross Glen Road particularly at the intersection at Roxborough Drive (at Rosedale United Church) due to poor sight lines caused by a badly configured intersection and vehicular speeding. In early 2017, the NRRA began developing a proposal to ask the City of Toronto (via our local Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam) to solve the Glen Road speeding problem. After the NRRA investigated several options and a traffic speed study was commissioned, the consensus plan is to add two stop signs at (1) Glen Road and Roxborough Drive and (2) Glen Road and Binscarth Road. The timing of this initiative is being proposed to coincide with the planned City of Toronto complete reconstruction of Glen Road in 2018, reducing cost and disruption to area residents.
The NRRA are reaching out to area residents and stakeholders to get support for this important safety initiative in order to take this matter to the City. We want to be proactive and not wait until there is an injury or death to pursue a solution. In February 2017, the NRRA requested residents to provide email feedback for or against the Glen Road Traffic Calming Plan to in advance of bringing this matter to City Council in April 2017.